Luxuriously Natural Handcrafted Bath, Body & Beauty Products

Dirty Girl Beauty is taking bath and beauty products to the next level. For us, it's personal. We create products that are luxurious and decadent without compromising the integrity of our formulas or ingredients. Bath and Beauty products were once considered luxuries in which only the wealthiest could indulge. Now, personal care products are widely available, and have become increasingly popular. Over time, and possibly as a result of mass-production, many product formulas have become diluted with fillers and/or inferior ingredients.

At Dirty Girl Beauty, we start with formulas that are simplistic in essence, and bring them out of their proverbial shells by enhancing them with new additives, specialty ingredients and exotic fragrances. Our goal is to take products that are essentially mundane and utilitarian, like soap or lip balm, and make them special. We want to help you pamper your senses, allowing you to take a journey away from the stresses of your day and enjoy a few moments of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Now...we are aware that our products do not, unfortunately, possess the power to magically transport our customers to a warm tropical island with an umbrella drink in hand. (We are working on that, though.) This being said, we will have to content ourselves with making our customer's washroom the next best thing for a few minutes of every day.

Below you will find descriptions for our Bath & Body Safe Fragrances, our Lip Balm/Gloss Flavors, and our Home Scent Fragrances.


NAKED (UnScented) = No additional fragrance added.

ALMOND BISCOTTI = Aroma of traditional Italian biscotti crisp cookies made with rich, flavorful almonds.

ALOE & GREEN CLOVER = Dew drops, citrus, sweet clover and leafy notes, base of clear musk.

AMAZONIA = tropical rain forest highlighted by apple and bamboo, green mosses, balsam, teak wood and fresh-cut cedar, enveloped by a subtle base of amber, musk, patchouli and Mysore sandalwood.

AMBROSIA = Mouth-watering scent of juicy, sweet fruit candy.

APRICOT & HONEY = Gently sweet and deliciously fruity, blending peachy apricot and sunny citrus with notes of pollinated jasmine, lily of the valley, and gardenia, creamy vanilla, and sweet, dripping honey.

ASIAN PEAR & GINSENG = sparkling fusion of green Japanese pear with bold, red ginseng with fresh, airy notes of peach blossom, amber and musky vanilla reminiscent of a pampering spa day.

BAMBOO = Complex blend of green stems, leaves, forest fern and dew kissed ozone scent. Delicate lily, hyacinth and lilac highlighted by fresh citrus.

BARBER SHOPPE = Reminiscent of an old-fashioned barbershop, with the fresh, masculine scent of a clean shave and a haircut. Heart notes of amber and rum with a light top note of musk and Bay.

BAY RUM = Spiced orange lifts this warm blend of cinnamon and clove as they fade to the base of sensual musk.

BIRTHDAY CAKE = rich cake scent with vanilla icing.

BLACK OAK = Smooth masculine blend of rich woods like red oak, cedar and sandalwood with spicy notes of clove, nutmeg and allspice. Fresh bergamot and juniper accented with subtle hints of coffee, vetiver, patchouli and musk.

BLUE LOTUS = Intoxicating exotic blue Egyptian lotus type, opening with citron, casaba melon and cassis top-notes, followed by a floral bouquet of jasmine, water lily, ylang ylang, rose and honeysuckle, finishing with soft musky green notes.

BLUE SUGAR CRYSTAL = The masculine equivalent of our Pink Sugar Cookie fragrance, with some darker, more woodsy notes.

CACTUS & SEA SALT = Green, watery cactus mingles with fresh, clean ozonic sea salt.

CANTALOUPE & LILY = Dew kissed lilies and vine-ripe cantaloupe blend beautifully for a fresh and sweetly enticing fragrance.

CHAI SPICE = Sweet, creamy Chai Tea with delicious citrus notes with spicy Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Tahitian Vanilla and a little bit of Allspice.

CHERRY TWIST = Sparkling citrus with tangy cherry and sweet spun sugar.

CINNAMON VANILLA = Robust blend of spicy cinnamon sticks and velvety vanilla.

COFFEE HOUSE = Bold, enticing and invigorating aroma of a steaming cup of freshly brewed, full-bodied Colombian Arabica coffee beans accentuated by hints of rum, brandy, brown sugar, and cocoa beans.

CRÈME de MENTHE = Crushed spearmint and peppermint leaves with creamy vanilla.

CRIMSON SECRET = A passionate blend of pomegranate & red osmanthus, red peony and night marigold with subtle notes of vanilla rum and oak wood.

DRAGONFRUIT = Exotic fruit accord of mysterious dragon fruit and shimmering green foliage sweetened by fresh orange with hints of plumeria and white driftwood which fades to a base of clear musky tones.

DRIFTWOOD ISLAND = Spicy, citrusy and green top notes, complimented by floral middle notes of Lavender & Jasmine with long lasting woody, musk and mossy bottom notes.

FRENCH LAVENDER & HONEY = Green notes accent the lavender accord that intertwines with fresh fern and wild honey. Warm sandalwood finishes the blend.

GENTS & OUTLAWS = mahogany woods, smoky tobacco and dark brown sugar vanilla.

GINGER FLOWER = Intensely "fresh and clean” smelling with delicate exotic floral notes, the Awapuhi ginger flower originated in India and made its way to the Hawaiian Islands.

GOLDEN HONEY & ALMOND = Golden honey and fresh lemon drop drizzled over toasted almonds, sugary fig, white violet, cotton candy and vanilla spice. Delicious and exquisite!

GREEN TEA & WILLOW = airy spa-type fragrance has notes of leafy, green tea and wood with hints of fresh ozone air, melon, bergamot, coriander, night blooming jasmine, watercress, earthen moss, peppergrass, white willow, pink cyclamen, cedar amber, sacred datura, and white musk.

GUAVA = citrusy, fruity, apple, peach, guava & berry top notes with jasmine and rose middle notes and sweet cotton candy, woody and musky bottom notes.

HYACINTH = fresh, white, clean, intense floral and the quintessential scent of spring. Bergamot, white grapes and peach top notes. Hyacinth, rose blossom and clove bud middle notes. Jasmine, lilac, green vines bottom notes.

IRISH TWEED = This is an elegant, rich, sporty scent with notes of sandalwood, Florentine iris, herbaceous clover, French verbena, violet leaves and ambergris.

ISLAND FRUIT CRUSH = Fruity, tropical medley of fresh banana, tangerine, berries, pineapple, kiwi, mango & papaya with a dash of vanilla.

ISLAND HIBISCUS = A fresh fruity top note is splashed with a shower of dewdrops to open this lush fragrance. The exotic floral heart of hibiscus and plumeria is surrounded with crisp green tones and layered with sugared berries. The final accord of sandalwood and musk adds velvety sweetness.

JAPANESE CHERRY = A seductive and mysterious floral scent, inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan.

JASMINE VANILLA = Sensual fragrance of blossoming jasmine with notes of warm, rich vanilla.

JASMINE & RICE FLOWER = clean, fresh spa-like scent with notes of creamy rice flower, citrus peel, cotton blossoms, night-blooming jasmine, azure sky ozone, grey sea salt, bamboo leaves, vanilla bean, and sheer musk.

KAI SPA BLOSSOM = Light, intoxicating blend of tropical gardenia and white exotic flowers.

KENTUCKY BOURBON = rich, warm vanilla, toasted sugar, smoky tobacco and musky woods.

KIMONO FLOWER = Sophisticated floral blend with mandarin, bergamot, soft jasmine petals and juicy raspberry; the heart is ylang-ylang, sweet gardenia, and pink orchid; the base is rounded out with nuances of white moss, creamy amber, and vetiver.

KISS KISS = Green, Fruity Citrusy top notes with Jasmine. Lily of the Valley and Rose floral middle notes enhanced with woody, musky and sweet cotton candy bottom notes.

KISS Of HONEY (L’Occitane) = honey kissed with star anise, jasmine, orange & violet.

L’AMOUR DU CHOCOLAT = Zesty fresh orange swirls over delectable creamy chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch.

LAVENDER DREAMS = Fresh, slightly sweet floral aroma with herbaceous undertones.

LEATHER ROYALE = Warm, woody fragrance with soft suede undertones.

LILAC = You will find yourself standing in a field of fresh Lilac as you experience this amazing scent.

MADAGASCAR VANILLA = Rich, lush aroma of Madagascar Vanilla Bean infused with delicate orchid petals will make the senses fall in love!

MATCHA GREEN TEA = Clean, fragrant blend of California Lemon, Bergamot, Valencia Orange, Green Tea Leaves, Violet Petals, Jasmine, Siberian Fir, Soft Musk.

MOONBEAM = Emanating with vitality, this fruity-green fragrance shines with a bergamot, apple, and intense apricot top note, a glimmer of soft white floral and green agave middle note, and finishing with a woody, creamy coconut bottom note.

MOONLIGHT POMEGRANATE = Juicy red pomegranates sparkle like rubies in moonlight.

MOONSHADOW = A seductive fragrance blended with teas, jasmine, sandalwood, and the scent of the full moon casting mystery in it’s shadow.

OATMEAL, MILK & HONEY = oatmeal, almond, milk and honey with subtle wheat notes.

OCEANA = Sicilian Orange, Star Jasmine, Ocean Water, White Cedar, Musk.

ORCHID RAIN = Delicate Orchid petals dripping with dew drops and fresh rain. Upscale and sophisticated, this beautiful floral and watery ozone fusion has a touch of powder to round out the tones.

PASSION KISS = Sheer fruity bliss! Cherries, vanilla, and a touch of muscadine grape make up this delicious fragrance.

PINK BERRY & TONKA BEAN = A luscious blending of pink berries, bergamot, pikake, musk, sugar cane, and tonka beans.

PINK SUGAR COOKIE = Playful, mischievous, romantic with notes of pink cotton candy, sweet lemon drops, raspberries, fig leaves, caramel, Sicilian orange, Barbe-a-Papa, Lily of the Valley, and powdery vanilla musk.

PRINCE CHARMING = A sensual, herbaceous fragrance of soft lavender and crushed cardamom blended with oak moss and just a touch of amber rose.

SANDALWOOD = Exotic and seductive. Warm, mild, woodsy Sandalwood scent.

SATSUMA & LOTUS = rejuvenating blend of Satsuma orange, ruby red grapefruit, Japanese yuzu, Mediterranean sea salt, sun-kissed apricot, ripe nectarine, blue water lotus and aloe leaf.

SPA FUSION = A fresh, clean scent with notes of juicy kiwi, lemon, Casaba melon, ginger, sage blossom and light musk.

SPUN SUGAR = sticky sweet vanilla with light fruity notes.

SUGAR COOKIE = Sweet, sugary aroma of a fresh baked sugar cookie.

TEAKWOOD & FERN = Intensely fragrant flowers, smoky patchouli, and creamy vanilla come together to create this sensuous fragrance. Top notes of bergamot, fern leaves, and pine needles are followed by a heady blooming of jasmine, roses, and lilies and finished with a blending of rich vanilla, patchouli, and teakwood.

TURKISH DELIGHT = sweet almond and honey sugar with subtle hint of rose.

VANILLA BEAN = Scent of freshly picked pods from the Madagascar plant.

VIOLET LEAF & SWEET GRASS = A nighttime walk through the woods. Sweet sage merges with lemongrass, fresh air, bergamot and herbs and left lingering is the haunting scent of jasmine blooming in the wild woods.

WHITE PEACH & HIBISCUS = White Peach, Kaffir Lime, Lemon Leaf, Sweet Lilac, Sheer Hibiscus.

WILD WOOD = Fresh grains of sensual, warm Oud dominate this exotic fragrance. A hint of soft jasmine adds subtle sweetness to this mysterious woody aroma.


ALMOND BISCOTTI = The flavor of traditional Italian biscotti (crisp cookies originating from Tuscany) made with rich, flavorful almonds.

BLUEBERRY BLAST = Juicy, sweet, freshly picked Maine blueberries.

BLUE RASPBERRY = Mouth watering, freshly picked blue raspberry type, with fruity top notes of cherry, grape, apple, apricot, strawberries, wild raspberries and a splash of lemon. Middle floral notes of cassis-blossom, jasmine and violet and balanced with a sugary sweet vanilla base note.

BUTTER PECAN = Sweet, buttery vanilla cream joined by toasted pecans.

CAPPUCCINO CRUSH = Coffee-licious cup of latte made from a creamy, frothy, nutty coffee shop blend.

CARAMEL DELIGHT = Warm, creamy, rich, gooey caramel delight.

CHAI SPICE = Spicy blend of Earl Grey tea with Tahitian vanilla, allspice, cinnamon bark, nutmeg and ginger.

CHERRY CHEESECAKE = Juicy cherries with creamy vanilla cake.

CHERRY CORDIAL = Sweet, juicy cherries and vanilla cream drenched in rich chocolate.

CHOCO FUDGE BROWNIE = Rich, gooey chocolate fudge brownie.

CHOCO PEANUT BUTTER = Sweet milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter.

DILL PICKLE = Tangy, crunchy pickle flavor that will make your mouth water!

FANTASIA PINK CUPCAKE = A creamy, sweet frosting with warm butter, vanilla bean, sweet sugar, nutty nuances, baked vanilla, rum and hints of powdered sugar.

FRUIT PUNCH = Perfect combination of Cherry, Grape, Pear, Peach and Mango Flavors.

GRAND MARNIER + APRICOT = A rich, heady cognac kissed with sweet apricots.

GREEN APPLE = A tart, fresh, and crisp green apple. Smells like someone just sliced a Granny Smith!

HONEY BUN = Sweet, delicious honey with warm cinnamon.

HUBBA HUBBA = A distinct, yummy bubblegum flavor that is reminiscent of carefree childhood days.

JAPANESE PEAR = Juicy, mouthwatering pear.

KISS OF HONEY = Sweet, sticky honey flavor.

LAVENDER & VANILLA = An herbaceous lavender fused with sweet, creamy vanilla and a hint of musk. It's mildly flavorful without being overpowering and medicinal.

LEMON MERINGUE = Refreshing lemon with creamy vanilla.

LIMONCELLO = Inspired by the aromatic Italian drink, this delectable flavor opens with Sorrento Lemon zest, follows with just a dash of star anise, and finishes with a sugary, creamy base.

MANGO PEACH FUSION = A delicious fusion of tropical mango and ripe, juicy peach.

MIMOSA = Sparkling champagne with fresh squeezed orange juice.

MINT CHOCO CHIP = Crisp spearmint and creamy milk chocolate.

NAKED = UnFlavored.

ORANGE DREAMSICLE = perfect blend of juicy orange and creamy vanilla.

ORANGE SORBET = A juicy burst of orange with a slightly sweet background.

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE = Rich, creamy peanut butter – strong, sweet, nutty, and YUMMY!

PEOPLE EATER = Scrumptious Grape Flavor.

PINK LEMONADE = Crisp lemon and juicy cherries with creamy, sweet vanilla.

RAINBOW SNOW CONE = Sweet, crushed ice with notes of juicy lime and fresh lemon, red cherries, and sweet watermelon, with a fresh honeydew melon background.

RED HOT CINNAMON = spicy, hot cinnamon candy.

RED VELVET CUPCAKE = Delicious flavor of Red Velvet Cupcakes. Layers of moist chocolate cake baked with vanilla extract and rich cocoa powder, luscious layers of butter cream frosting and topped with a buttery, sweet, cream cheese icing.

SANGRIA SUNRISE = A bright, fruit-infused red wine with notes of citron, lime, mandarin, and raspberries with sugar and vanilla beans.

VANILLA MINT = Velvety vanilla with leaves of spearmint and peppermint.

VANILL O’ BEAN = sweet vanilla bean icing.

WATERMELON = A juicy, sweet, summer-sun ripened watermelon fresh off of the vine.

WHITE CHOCOLATE = A blend of smooth white chocolate, cocoa beans, and rich cream.


CANDY CANE KISSES = Crisp fresh peppermint with creamy vanilla.

EGGNOG CUPCAKE = Vanilla cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

GINGERBREAD HOUSE = A freshly baked gingerbread with nutmeg, cinnamon and freshly grated ginger topped with creamy vanilla icing.

HOLIDAY MARSHMALLOW = Spearmint and peppermint swirl with fluffy vanilla marshmallow.

HONEY PEANUT BRITTLE = Crunchy peanut butter, warm vanilla and sweet honey.

PEPPERMINT HOT COCOA = Crushed candy canes in warm hot chocolate.

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE = A creamy, yummy pumpkin cheesecake with just the right amount of spice.


AMBROSIA = Mouth-watering scent of juicy, sweet fruit candy.

BIRTHDAY CAKE = rich cake scent with vanilla icing

CINNAMON VANILLA = Robust blend of spicy cinnamon sticks and velvety vanilla.

EUCALYPTUS BREEZE = Invigorating scent of fresh-cut Eucalyptus leaves with hint of crushed Mint.

HONEYSUCKLE SUNSET = fresh honeysuckle with hints of jasmine, rose and lilac.

KENTUCKY BOURBON = creamy vanilla, toasted sugar, smoky tobacco and musky woods.

LAVENDER VANILLA MINT = a serene blend of fresh-picked lavender, creamy vanilla and crushed mint.

POMEGRANATE SPICE = tangy ruby-red pomegranate with rich aromatic spices

ROSEMARY MINT = Cool peppermint & rosemary with creamy vanilla.

SPUN SUGAR = sticky sweet vanilla with light fruity notes

SUGAR COOKIE = Sweet, sugary aroma of a fresh baked sugar cookie.

SUMMER LEMONADE = Splashes of luscious juicy lemon blend perfectly with sweet vanilla sugar

SWEET LAVENDER = Refreshing, slightly sweet floral aroma

VANILLA ORANGE BLOSSOM = Subtly sweet blend of sun-kissed orange blossoms and exotic vanilla bean.

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